Lenny Griffin

What can I say if you hire Jeff Biddle you don’t just get a realtor you get a friend. Let me share my experience with you, so I met this guy and I tries to ask him some questions to feel him out. Much to my surprise he was just as whitty as me LOL. We got along great straight out of the gate and quite frankly he did everything I asked him to do. He made ridiculous offers even though he told me they wouldn’t work, he showed up promptly every time I wanted to look at a property, he sent us listing after listing daily for almost a year, and most importantly he kept my wife happy! Highly recommend using Jeff! You will get the best deal that’s possible on any of your purchases. He will also advocate for you on your sales as he sold land for me. Don’t be afraid to ask any question he is super knowledgeable and he’ll keep you in the right direction for your best interest as his client.