Nita Backes

I live in Alaska, and was in search of a winter retirement home in Pueblo. I was only in Pueblo for a couple of days, and Shawn Martinez made me a priority, and drove myself and a friend through several neighborhoods he thought I would want to live in. As he grew up in this town, he had  invaluable advice and suggestions, which led me to the neighborhood I finally purchased in. Due to his negotiation skills, I purchased the property under the asking price, even though the seller had another offer for full price. Shawn Martinez even took us out to look at properties in the evenings, after spending all day with us already. He lined up inspectors, and personally did the final walk through after seller moved out, as I was back in Alaska at that time. He then made copies of the keys, gave one to my contractor to do some needed work, and still has one at his office waiting for me to return to Pueblo. I would highly recommend his knowledgeable services to any and everyone!