Rachel Lawler

Shawn’s wealth of personal and professional experience with realestate investments was an incredible asset to our experience and ultimately our total investment. This is our first investment property so we had a lot of questions and concerns when considering the path forward. Shawn helped us write an offer that put us a head of institutional investors with a cash offer, (we were not cash) without pricing us out of the house. Shawn knows what it takes to get a deal done and his team has the expertise and agility to meet any deadline with ease. We went from “I think I like this house” to closing in 3 weeks. Being new to the idea of a second home we needed someone that would go at our speed at the start, to ensure that we were confident about our decision and then go warp speed once the decision was made. If that’s what you are looking for, Shawn and his team are who you need! The team was always available, extremely professional, and exceeded expectations consistently throughout the process. Additionally, the congratulations basket was the best I’ve ever seen🤩!