The 5 Best Budget Friendly Home Improvements

by slucero

When it comes to home improvements in Pueblo, it’s easy to blow the budget. Did you know the average cost of a home makeover is $20,000? We don’t know about you but we don’t have that kind of cash lying around. That got us thinking, what kinds of improvements or home upgrades can we do without making our bank accounts cry? 

We looked over dozens of articles and came up with the top 5 budget-friendly improvements you can make to your Pueblo, Colorado home. Let’s get right to it. 

Top Five Home Upgrades on a Budget

Refresh Your Front Door – Your front door isn’t going to be the first thing someone notices about your home, but it does communicate value, so how about a refresh? This can be as simple or ornate as you want but start with paint for a complete transformation. You can search Pinterest for the latest ideas, but go with your gut on this and allow the transformation to come from you and your lifestyle. When in doubt, use the Pueblo landscape to give you some inspiration. Nature is the best pallet after all. 

From there you can add decorative elements like new hardware. If you want to save a little more money, remove your hardware and spray paint it. Yes, you can spray paint your hardware. It’s not a permanent fix but it can certainly make a huge improvement. 

Finally, add some front door decor, such as wreaths, plants, a mailbox, and a great front doormat to welcome your guests. 

Builder Grade Bathroom Mirrors – There is nothing more boring than a mirror that looks like it could be at a big box store public restroom. We can fix that. Custom mirrors can be a costly investment, especially if you have a few bathrooms to remedy. The solution is as easy as a few molding pieces. 

Take some measurements and head to your favorite home improvement store to look at molding. You can use ceiling or floor molding for this project. Get more than you know you need (in the case you have a miscalculation) and head back home. 

Your first order of business is to paint your molding if you don’t want it the standard white it usually comes in. Take your time and paint your moldings to complement the color pallet in your bathroom. 

You want to cut your molding (measure twice) according to the style you want. If you want angled corners, straight edge farmhouse looks, etc. Once cut, you can use contractor adhesive to adhere the moldings to your mirror. 

Storage Shortages – One of the hardest things to overcome in a home is a storage shortage if it’s not there, to begin with. It’s time to look around your home and notice all the missed opportunities to create it. This might mean looking high in bathrooms and closets… or replace storage that is sized incorrectly. We suggest tackling one storage issue at a time because doing all your rooms at once can get overwhelming.

There are many storage kits that you can get online or head to a big box store to see if they are having any specials or sales. Don’t forget to check other resources like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and thrift stores for bigger pieces like dressers and cabinets. 

Love Your Kitchen Cabinets – If you’re in an older home, or was left cookie-cutter kitchen cabinets, you have some options. Cabinets are expensive so replacing them isn’t really budget-friendly. How about paint and hardware? 

This makeover will likely take you more time than money, but it will be so worth it. Take a good look at your cabinets and determine if they are treated, sealed, or need to be stripped. Remove the doors and start prepping them. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do this, follow this Youtube link to get you started. 

From there you can paint and add hardware to completely change the way your kitchen looks and modernize what you already have. Check out some of these remarkable cabinet makeovers. 

Paint Over Small Space Linoleum – This might be one of our favorite improvement hacks. Many homes have linoleum in places like entryways, powder rooms, or laundry rooms. These are the perfect places to test out your painting skills. You will need to use a number of layers to get the longevity out of it, but use a good primer and paint right over them.

You can use color over the primer if you want and we suggest throwing an area rug over the space to help protect it. This layering of color and soft rug textures will make your floor shine, at least until you decide on a full makeover. 

We would love to see if you tackle any of these projects. You can let us know by tagging Rocky Mountain Realty in any of your improvement photos on your social media spaces. With a little effort and not much cash, you too can breathe new life into your home. Baby step by baby step. 

Published on 2020-06-02 11:23:47