Three Signs You Might be Ready for Your Next Home

by slucero

Three Signs You Might be Ready for Your Next Home


Do you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking at homes and dreaming about what your next Pueblo house should be like? Are you even human if you don’t? It’s normal to think about going bigger, getting smaller, or completely changing directions when it comes to real estate. We do have two feet after all, and we tend to want to change up our environment. So how do you know if you’re ready to move to your next Pueblo, CO home? Here are our three signs it might be time to go home shopping. 



One of the biggest considerations in home buying and selling is; how much home can I buy or how much can I get for my home. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or are now looking to sell to move up, the financial piece to buying and selling is always one of the first considerations. Instead of asking how much, we suggest looking at these financial factors. 


  • Debt to Income Ratio – As we get older and more established, our debt to income ratio gets better (hopefully.) If your ratio is low, it might be time to consider moving up. 
  • You’re Solid at Saving – While your home is a fantastic investment (or will be) many financial planners will suggest you have solid savings and/or investing systems in place. If you’re saving each month, and have done so for many consecutive months, it might be a good time to move up. 
  • You’re Insured – Having a varying level of insurance for you and your family is important, and if you’re maintaining those costs, it might be a good time to move up. 
  • Emergency Ready – Finally, if you’ve been successful in contributing and maintain your emergency fund, you might be ready. This has become even more apparent given what early 2020 gave us with the pandemic. 



One of the next signs that you might be ready to find a new home, is that your lifestyle has changed or evolved. The obvious lifestyle change is that you’ve added a baby to your household and are now finding quarters a little tight. But other lifestyle considerations may also weigh in your decision to move. 


For example, have you made strides in your career? Have you become an empty nester? Will you need to care for aging parents in the coming years? Or, have you had an epiphany, revelation, or life-changing event transpire? 


These are also signs that life is moving and shifting and a new home might be a part of that journey. When we learn that we don’t want to leave parents at a senior care place, or we have evolved into a more minimalistic mentality over the years, we tend to want to match our environment with our lifestyle. 



Opportunities often drive us in moving into new homes and neighborhoods. Some opportunities might take us to another part of town, due to getting a new job. Others might be due to financial incentives. For example, interest rates are super low at this time, giving potential home buyers just the kick they needed to buy a home. 


Opportunities come in many varieties and often happen unexpectantly. We’ve seen clients start a new business that completely took off and now they can financially afford more home, and also need more space for their business needs. We’ve also seen clients who have had an unexpected family shift such as divorce. While this might not sound like an opportunity, we like to treat it that way as its a chance to begin again. Another sudden opportunity might be that you’ve made the right connection with a lender, or homebuilder who can deliver on just what you need to finally make the call. 


Rocky Mountain Realty knows Pueblo real estate and has worked with buyers and sellers at all stages of life. As you contemplate what your next home should look like, don’t forget to let us know… we might just have the right home that matches your current status. We are excited about the chance to work with you. 



Published on 2020-06-25 08:58:36