Benetta Cruz

As I complete my final session of the comprehensive residential buy/sell contract review series you offer weekly as Managing Broker of Rocky Mountain Realty, I want to express to you my sincere gratitude for the time and energy you have invested in me and my professional development since I began this year as a newly-licensed Broker Associate with Rocky Mountain Realty.
 You have provided a well-balanced combination of:
1) ongoing mentorship twice weekly in the Contracts and JumpStart series
2) space and time for me to foster my own autonomy and to cultivate my own professional presence
3) encouragement to develop within myself the necessary motivation, organization, self-discipline, and initiative to establish longevity in the field
Additionally, I have observed you offer availability, as needed, for individual consultation/mentoring to all agents under your management.
I appreciate that you also take time to regularly communicate via email and/or in the weekly Round Table meetings held jointly with the owner of the agency where we, as agents, receive:
1) relevant information regarding emerging events which can impact performance of day-to-day business
2) professional networking opportunities
3) continuing education credits
4) resources for independent exploration of specialized areas within the local/state real estate industry.
 I have found you to be open and approachable in our exchanges where you generously provide guidance and wisdom you have cultivated during your own real estate career. I feel comfortable and confident coming to you with any questions or inquiries regarding foundational real estate concepts; Colorado Real Estate Commission Rules/Positions; and professional ethical standards and expectations.
Thank you for all that you have built to allow people like me a safe entry into this profession. I look forward to the time when I am able to proclaim I began and ended my real estate career with Rocky Mountain Realty many, many, many years from now.