Jan G

Excellent realtor. Made the best outcome from a bad situation. Highly recommended for handling property in Florida Colorado Acres E. Herring

If your looking for an honest hard working knowledgeable person with tons of patience and dry sense of humor. Then Dena is rite person. She helped me purchase my first home a single mother at the age of 49 then. Ive never regretted the purchase and will call again and do when i have questions. I encourage any first time buyer to call. Tammy V.

Dena never gave up! We had a house we were involved in that was a pretty “sticky” situation somewhere between a foreclosure and a bankruptcy. Navigating the holes, courts, banks, people, greedy businesses involved, and corrupt lawyers, Dena came through for us. Without her help, we would never have been able to have gotten out of the mess. She literally performed a miracle to make the sale of the house happen, and when it sold, she got us more than the asking price (which is a miracle by itself). The people who purchased the house were wonderful and ended up being able to care for the property in a way we always wanted to. After the “wolves” ate at the table during closing (Penrose Water being one of the worst, most unethical government operations in existence on the Eastern Slope and a retired bankruptcy lawyer who got way more than he deserved), we still walked away with a nice settlement, allowing us to break even. We lost many a night’s sleep worrying and fretting over the possible outcomes this house might have presented to us – but because of Dena, none of these “fears” came to fruition. She walked through this sale with us every step of the way and explained in detail every question we had. Where there was a need – she filled it, and not just with the bare minimum, but always going above and beyond the call of duty. She was our guiding angel. Her persistence, patience, sense of humor, professionalism, and character was the shining beacon that allowed us to remain positive and focused on a miraculous outcome, which she delivered beautifully. We HIGHLY recommend Dena to anyone who is looking for that simple solution or who might have the most difficult, most unimaginable situation. If you think it can’t happen, you haven’t spoken with Dena yet – give her a call! Dave & Callie

Dena made my house purchasing experience so smooth and simple. I am in love with my new home. She goes out of her way to find her client exactly what they are looking for. Ashley A.

Dena is straight forward and to the point and I appreciate that. Thank you Dena for everything!!!Dena is a great realtor she has patiences and very knowledgeable, wonderful fun person to work with.